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What I’ve Learned from Higher Education in the United States

As an in-state college freshman with a SINGLE mom of TWO kids who makes about $58,000 a year:

  • You’ll get federal loans from the government (debt)
  • You’ll get merit scholarships for busting your ass in high school
  • You’ll even get a scholarship for living on campus
  • Your SINGLE mom doesn’t make too much money, so you’ll even get a little help
  • You’re considered priority for being an in-state incoming freshman

[Mom is being forced to move down to Tennessee for work]

As an in-state transfer student with a SINGLE mom of TWO kids who will make about $40,000 these upcoming years (if lucky):

  • You’ll get federal loans from the government (debt)
  • Oh you busted your ass in high school and college? Sorry, you’re not a freshman so we don’t care.
  • Oh you’re living on campus? That’s nice… enjoy the costs of room and board because we’re not gonna help you.
  • Your SINGLE mom is getting a major salary decrease? That stinks man, we only have money for in-state FRESHMEN students. You should have known where you were going to end up a year ago…
  • You’re a newly in-state transfer? We have no money to give you because like ALL public universities, we only set aside funds to give to freshmen and returning students.

So my life has turned completely around starting about 8 months ago when I found out that my mother and younger sister will be moving far away (about 10 hours) because my mom’s company is closing down. As a college freshman, daughter, and sister, I felt that my only viable option was to explore universities there. I WANTED TO STAY WITH MY FAMILY. I absolutely fell in love with this one university. Applied with every ounce of my being to get in. Got in. Applied for financial aid because with the salary cut, I won’t be able to afford much. All I got from this school that I whole-heartedly fell in love with were federal loans. No merit scholarships, no special circumstances gift aid, nada. 

I’m leaving behind my dear friends, a boyfriend I’ve come to really adore, and my life just so I can attend that school. There is no other school for me there, I’ve looked. Without it, I have nothing. There is nothing for me in Tennessee aside from my mother and sister and frankly, as an adult, that’s not enough anymore. 

I’m ashamed that I have to attend school in a country where only the truly rich can afford it because even the ridiculously poor can’t get the aid they need or deserve. I busted my ass throughout high school to get the SAT score and GPA needed to get me into the schools of my dreams. I FUCKING DESERVE to get my work’s worth. From all the shit I’ve been through and am still going through and will continue to go through after the move, I deserve to have an affordable education. Why does this fucking country make it so goddamn difficult to pursue your dream? No wonder so many people turn to crime, if the government can’t stick its nose in your money then you may actually have the chance of keeping it. 

How dare they tell me: “We only have funds for freshmen and returning students”. Is life not supposed to have twists and turns? Is life predictable in ANY form? How the fuck was I supposed to know that when I handed in my deposit to my current school, my life would be stripped away from me and I couldn’t go there any more? Why should I be punished because my life isn’t stable?

I, unlike MANY other college students, am willing to study, work hard, have a job, and build a resume in order to have a successful career. I undoubtedly deserve the help that this government and school should be able to provide me. Fuck this vicious cycle of the rich staying rich and the poor remaining poor.



Yep. So much truth in this article